What can we do?

We build software. Beautiful software. Whether you have an idea you want us to realise, or if you just need extra man-power to augment your current team of architects, developers and support staff, we've got the skills you need.

The wide variety of projects we've been involved in are our biggest asset and your greatest benefit. We're technology agnostic and will happily notch up another language, stack or framework to meet your requirements. Our experience in popular languages like C#, Java and JavaScript and frameworks like MVC, Spring and Node.js mean that we can piece together the technology puzzle for you and provide solid advice in the development, deployment and maintenance of complex solutions.

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Where have we worked?

The key to successfully delivering a software project is having a firm understanding of the industry or market that the software is built for. Since we've been around for a while it means that we've worked in a wide variety of industries and have a firm understanding of what makes businesses both large and small tick.

We can boast about experience in telecommunications, healthcare, energy provision, asset tracking- and management, supply chain management, print & media and medico-legal where we've been involved in systems integration, web- and native mobile application development, systems consulting and testing automation. You can rest assured that we have the experience you need... and then some.

Why should you use us?

Perfection isn't a virtue, it's a mindset. Each one of our software engineers has a drive to reduce the complexity in the projects they undertake and reuse the wealth of development assets we've accumulated over the years.

Keeping to standard practices is sometimes not enough in an ever-evolving industry, so that's why we have created proprietary development tools to speed up the delivery of projects while keeping to our self-imposed quality standards. All our projects are created with modularity and expansion in mind, so when your requirements evolve the project can keep up pace without requiring a complete retooling.

We are the proud proprieters of the Handlr toolkit for .NET and Node.js developers, a framework that has enable our engineers to deliver world-class software in a fraction of the time usually associated with projects of similar scale and complexity.

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